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Welcome to the 2017 OCN Forum Folding War!




Thank you tic toc for the banner.






"What's the Forum Folding War?", I hear you ask. Well, in an effort to generate some momentum on OCN's [email protected] team, and to get some competitiveness out of you all, we've decided to split the overclock forum up into Folding teams based around specific groups on the forum.





February 13th to the 20th; starting and finishing promptly at noon UTC.


Countdown to start
Countdown to end





Okay, so confirmed teams we have:

  1. The Lanyards
  2. Team BOINC
  3. Second Hand Hounds
  4. Team Intel
  5. Team BBQ
  6. Team Canada
  7. Gears Network UK



Main Stats Page: http://folding.axihub.ca/ffw.php 

List of Teams: http://folding.axihub.ca/ffw_teams.php 


Click Here to Signup



Group 1 will be randomly distributed among the winning team.
Group 2 will be randomly distributed among the non-winning teams. 
Group 3 will be available to all participants.


For OC Cash Prizes, Please Send me a PM with your Paypal Registered Email Address and the amount you have won. Once you have done that please go to Paypal and submit a money request to us by following these INSTRUCTIONS


Group 1 prizes:


Group 2 prizes: 


Group 3 prizes: 


NOTE: Winners from Group 1 and 2 not eligible for Group 3 prizes (no double dipping :) )


Have something to donate, send @PR-Imagery or @lanofsong a PM.


How do I win?


Sign up for a team on the stats website and as long as you fold one WU during the event, we will include you in the prize draw. 



What else do I have to do?

Fold your heart out. Use your team thread to ask questions, or stop by the Folding section and post a thread, We'll be happy to help.  Also, send me cookies, I like cookies.

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