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I'd like to see a collection point (for lack of a better term) for some of the bios that have been moddified for the XEON socket 771 to socket 775 mod. This is made with the understanding that ANY BIOS POSTED IS USED @ YOUR OWN RISK! ANY ATTEMPT TO FLASH A BIOS COULD POSSIBLY END WITH A BRICKED/DEAD BOARD 4 NUMEROUS REASONS! THE PERSON POSTING THE BIOS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE,AND CAN NOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! thumb.gif Now,with THAT out of the way, lets see what we have. P5K-SE-1104.xeon5440mod.zip 591k .zip file AsusP5E-VMhdmiwithxeon7711067acodes.zip 846k .zip file P5P43TD-ASUS-0511modified.zip 572k .zip file For more info on the Mod,see here--> http://www.delidded.com/lga-771-to-775-adapter/2/#motherboard-compatibility EDIT:List of bios as of 3-24-2017
#1 Asus P5E-VM hdmi xeon 771 1067a microcode added
#2 Asus P5P43-TD bios0511 xeon codes added.
#3 Asus P5K-SE bios1104 xeon 5440 microcode added.
#4 Asus P5QL Pro 1004bios modded with 45nm codes added.
#5 Asus P5QL-EM bios 0802 45nm xeon/c2d-c2q microcodes added/updated.
#6 Shuttle SG41J1 PLUS 45nm 771& 775 codes added for xeon.
#7 Asus P5K-SE 1402 BETA bios with 771 & 775 codes added and updated.
#8 MSI P7N2 xeons added.
#9 Asus Striker Extreme 2002 bios xeons added P4 and mobile removed,c2d/c2q updated.
#10 Gateway Bios R01.A2 modded for xeon support. MAKE SURE Board uses THIS bios!
#11 MSI P7N2 Diamond bios ver.1.1 xeons added.
#12 Asus P5Q-Deluxe 2301 udated & xeons added.
#13 Asus P5Q-Deluxe Ket's overclock BIOS(original)
#14 Asus P5Q-Deluxe Ket's overclock bios updated(see link 4 info)
#15 MSI G33/P35 Neo Rev1.0 bios 1.10 45nm microcodes added and updated,includes 45nm xeon codes.
#16 Asus P5B-Deluxe bios # 1236 AND #1238 modded with 45nm xeon support.
#17 EVGA 790iUltra Bios with xeon support added.(NF79P10mod.zip)
#18 Asus P5K-Deluxe 1005 all 45nm 771/775 cpu's added updated.
#19 Asus P5Ql bios1004 45nm 771/775 microcodes added/updated.
#20 EP43-UD3L modded with 771/775 codes added/updated.
#21 bfg650iup05 xeon modded
#22 Asus P5KPL-CM bios 0702 45nm microcodes added.
#23 Asus P5E-VM hdmi 45nm codes added and updated. bios 0709
#24 Asus P5KPL-SE bios0701 45nm xeons added.
#25 Acer veriton S661 Model VTS661 bios R01.C0_A_A modded xeon codesadded&updated.
#26 HP Asus board IPIEL-LA bios513 45nm 775/771 microcodes added and updated.
#27 GA-P35-DS3P ver1.1 bios F12 xeon e5450 microcodes added.
#28 GA-P35-DS3P Rev2.0 with xeon microcodes added.
#29 Asus P5KPL-CM bios 0702 771 & 775 microcodes added and updated,duplicates removed.
#30 Asus P5K-VM with 45nm 771/775 micro codes added and updated.
#31 Asus P5K-E/WiFi-AP BIOS 1305 Modded with socket 771 45nm xeon microcodes added.
#32 Asus P5Q-EM bios ver. 2203 modded with socket 771/775 45&65nm cpu's added/updated.
#33 GA-EP45UD3L.F9 Bios Moddified with all codes removed, and 775 desktop cpu codes and 771 xeon codes added.No mobile or P4 support.no 50xx series xeon support.
#34 Last non beta bios released, for the GA-G31M-S2L Rev 2.0 with c2d/c2q and xeon cpu support, NO p4, or mobile!
#35 Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L modded with xeon support No P4 or Mobile support. All Desktop 775/771 cpu's added/updated. No support for x50xx series xeon(p4 based)
#36Asus P5Q-E bios 2101 modded for xeon support. Socket 771 & 775 desktop c2d/c2q and xeon microcodes added/replaced.65 & 45nm
#37 Asus P5QLD-PRO bios modded with Socket 771 45nm xeon microcodes added.
#38 GA-G41MC Rev.1.3 biosF3 Supports all Core 2 Duo and later LGA 775 desktop processors (no P4 or mobile support)Supports all LGA 771 Xeon processors (No P4 based 50xx models)
#39 GA-G41MC Rev. 1.4 bios F4 socket 771xeon support
#40 HP IPIBL-LB Bios ver5.43 45 nm desktop processors added and updated for socket 771/775.
#41.P5K-Premium/WiFi-AP bios#1101 modded with socket 771/775 45nm microcodes added/updated.
#42 Asus P5QC bios ver.2103 modded to add 45nm socket 771 xeon support and 45nm socket775 cpu codes updated.
#43 Asrock G31M-GS1 bios modded to add 45nm socket771xeon support & update 45nm socket775 codes.
#44 Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P ver.1.0/1.1. F10 bios Modded for xeon support. No P4 or Mobile support.
#45 ASUS P5Q bios ver.2209 modded for 45nm socket 771 xeon support.Socket775 45nm microcodes updated.
#46 Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P rev.1.6 beta bios modded for xeon support. socket 771 & 775 codes added/updated.
#47 Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R bios f12 for rev 1.0/1.1 modded for xeon support.
#48 Lenovo 71Y6942 ThinkCentre M70e Bios modded to add xeon socket 771&775 45&65nm cpu's added/updated.
#49 Asus P5NA7-VM bios ver.0519 modded for xeon support. Socket 771&775 intel microcodes added/updated for 45&65nm desktop cpu's. No P4 or mobile codes changed.
#50 Gigabyte p35dq6 bios F9 with xeon microcode 1067a added for x5470 support and some others.e5450 stepping EO for example.
#51 Asus Striker II Extreme (striker2extreme) bios ver. 1402 modded with 45&65nm socket 775&771 microcodes added/updated.
#52 Asus P5KPL-AM-SE bios0702 modded 45nm socket 771 and 775 cpu microcodes added and updated.
#53 Abit ip35 Pro bios release v14 socket 771/775 45nm microcodes added for xeon mod support.
#54 Asus Maximus II gene ver.0605 with 45nm socket 771 xeon microcodes added for xeon mod.
#55 Asus Striker Extreme 2002 bios modded with 45&65 nm microcodes added/updated. Seperate bios by different person from bios posted on first page.biggrin.gif 2 to choose from!
#56 Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L bios ver.F6 modded with 45&65nm socket 771 & 775 microcodes added/updated.
#57 Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H (rev. 1.0) bios ver.F9e 45&65nm socket 771&775 microcodes added & updated.
#58 Lenovo M58e 5HJT53A Two seperate bios in seperate files. First has only 1067a xeon code added to existing file and is tested working. Second is all 45nm files were added/updated to existing bios.Has NOT been tested.
#59 Gigabyte GA-EP43-UD3Lf9 bios with 771&775 microcodes added/updated.
#60 Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3LR bios with 771&775 microcodes added/updated.
#61 Dell Vostro 230 45nm xeon microcodes added and 45nm socket 775 codes updated.
#62 Abit P35e xeon codes added/socket 775 codes updated.
#63 Asus P5N-D socket 771 & 775 microcodes added/updated.
#64 Here is an updated BIOS for HP systems with IPIBL-LB motherboard along with instructions. compliments jmsandrsn.
#65 Gigabyte ga-g41mt--s2pt (rev.1.1) bios fa modified with socket 775&771 xeon microdes added and socket 775 codes updated.
#66 Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L rev 1.1 bios F10 modified with socket 771 & 775 microcodes added/updated for xeon support.No change to P4 based cpu support.
#67 DFI DFI P965-S DARK 771 & 775 microcodes added/updated for xeon support.
#68 Gigabyte EP45DS4 latest socket 771 & 775 microcodes added and updated for xeon mod support. bios ver.F10b
#69 Dell Inspiron 537/537s bios A03 modded for xeon support.
#70 Asus P5QL-SE socket 771 & 775 microcodes added/updated for xeon support.
#71 Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L socket 771&775 microcodes added/updated for xeon support.
#72 Abit IP35-E bios ver.18 socket 771&775 microcodes added/updated to allow xeon support.
#73 Abit IP35-Pro bios ver.17b socket 771&775 microcodes added/updated to allow xeon support.
EDIT: ATTN! A NEW UPDATED LIST CAN BE FOUND AND WILL BE MAINTAINED AT POST#201! thanks for your support with this mod. smile.gif
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