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Its been a few months since picking up a power tool so its time to dust off the Dremel 4200 again and get to work on the next project smile.gif .

I'm planning to use this as my candidate for a beige mod as its old enough to qualify. The challenge of the beige mod is to take something old and difficult to use by today's case design standards and improve it. The Antec Performance Plus 1080AMG only supports 80mm fans but with a bit of work I'll make it support a few 120mm or 140mm fans.

My theme for this case will be Sovereign from the original Mass Effect game. I'm aiming to cut out a stencil outline of the iconic silhouette into the side panel and using frosted perspex to allow internal lighting to highlight the design but not be able to see into the case because there's only so much that I can do for cable management biggrin.gif .

Here's the concept I put together a while ago (don't worry if you can't read it, very few can biggrin.gif ):

I'm using some of these images as my inspiration:
Images! (Click to show)

Lithograph of Sovereign

Citadel emblem from the game

I'm pretty sure this is not game Canon but I did like the representation of The Citadel in it,

I've put together a very basic version of these designs onto the case to give me an indication of size and scale.

The Reaper outline on the side panel will need to use a stencil that balances complexity with what I can cut out of the material without messing it up. I'll be using Pixelmator or similar to figure out the outline I want to transfer to the case.

I will be patching up the current fan hole on the side panel as it won't be needed.

The front 80mm fan mounts will be cut out and replaced with new mounting bars to accomodate two 120mm fans. I'll try and remember to allow room for a 240mm radiator to be mounted but this will be optional.

The two 80mm fan mounts on the rear I'll replace with a single 120mm fan mount as per my original concept.

I'll add some stand-offs and an easily removed plate to place to the right of the motherboard to help hide some of the cables in a similar way that NZXT do with some of their cases.

So far the trickiest part to implement will be the Citadel design I've planned to use for the front door. Because of the curve on the door I can't really just cut a circular hole out and put a sheet of perspex behind it because the difference of curves would be obvious and might come off looking plain bad unless I find a nice way to surround the cut-out.

The other extreme option would be to make a mould of the current plastic door to make a solid surface that I could lightly melt a sheet of acrylic over to replicate the door's curve then place the individual parts of the emblem design to. This sheet would be taped behind the circular cutout and follow the correct curve for a more complete look.

Some more design concepts will be needed for this aspect I think but the rest seems pretty straight forward smile.gif .

Now that I've got the HVLP setup I'll try and use a dark black and purple base colour and add a clear coat layer with metal flakes to try and represent the Reaper hull. I'll be sure to use all acrylic or at least compatible paints this time as the use of epoxy enamel on the last modding project limited my painting options towards the end.

Anyway, that's it for now smile.gif . I'm hoping I can work through this project faster than the last two I've undertaken and I'm looking forward to playing with the power tools again for another round of modding wink.gif .

Edit: oops, found out after some more searching this is actually a 1080AMG case so have corrected this.

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