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Right now I'm trying to learn some PHP, then back to html, CSS... maybe some others. But my main goal is to get into web dev, by being self taught, only on a hobby level for now.

Is a mac... more specifically a macbook air, a good computer for web developing? I'm thinking that I can get a used one for $400 off ebay, I found this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-Macbook-Air-11-6-1-3-GHz-Core-i5-128-GB-SSD-4GB-RAM-Yosemite-MD711LL-A-/152233530373?hash=item2371d35405:g:Tw8AAOSwxg5X0HBg
Maybe have to replace the battery, maybe update to latest osx if I have to. But if the battery life is good enough and light enough to carry around, that's what I'm looking for. (Take it to work, to learn on, on breaks for now)

I've tried looking for new windows computers around this price, but I didn't really like any of them. I've also never really used a mac either. But have used a few different Linux and windows OS. I'm guessing I could also use it for school/college.

Do you think osx would be a good OS to learn PHP and other languages on? I've been doing a little bit of codecademy and TheNewBoston's youtube channel and have been wanting to get a book.

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