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Originally Posted by Higgins909 View Post

I've tried looking for new windows computers around this price, but I didn't really like any of them. I've also never really used a mac either. But have used a few different Linux and windows OS. I'm guessing I could also use it for school/college.

Do you think osx would be a good OS to learn PHP and other languages on? I've been doing a little bit of codecademy and TheNewBoston's youtube channel and have been wanting to get a book.

As mentioned already, OS wont make any difference in learning web development. If you are familiar with Windows or Linux, stick with it. What is important is learning how different browsers might render a page differently, other than that no big difference.

From my experience, I used Windows and Linux while learning HTML, PHP, MySQL, Javascript and other things related to web development.
You can download WAMP server if you are running Windows, or set up LAMP stack if you are on Linux. It looks like there is also MAMP server for Mac users.

It really comes down to doing with whatever floats your boat.

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