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Originally Posted by mytho-x View Post

My stand issues were resolved and I'm a happy man now with this monitor. The colors in games BLOWS away my old Samsung TN. I'm on nvidia so no freesync for me but at 144hz (no messing around with drivers either... it shows at 144hz native) games are so smooth if there is any tearing I don't notice it.

The only other issue i had was a black screen every 30 seconds or so that lasted ~1 second if I was at 120hz or 144hz. I had picked up a 6' displayport cable and this was the source of the problem . I went back to the shorter one and no issues at all (just had to move my computer a bit).

I've not loaded the V08 firmware and will do that tonight. Under what conditions were there problems? I've not noticed (or are you telling the the colors can be even better?!?!?).

I would not upgrade the firmware.. it broke my monitor completely and now I have to RMA it.
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