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Sorry for the lack of progress on this project to anyone who subscribed (including myself smile.gif ).

I spent a lot of this fine warm day doing the sensible thing by not seeking refuge in air conditioning but instead working away in the shed hunched over the power tools biggrin.gif .

I've now created the back fan mount for the case, the two front fan rails and started cutting out the back panel to make way for airflow.

There's still more cutting to be done on the back and then I need to move my attention to the front panel but that should be rather straight forward and pretty much a repeat of my earlier Antec P180 mod. I've completed all this work using only one fresh cutting disc so compared to the rate I normally go through these things that's pretty good tongue.gif . Overall I'm fairly happy with the bending I did for the rear fan mount.

As for the design I think I'll run with the "Side panel reaper cut-out and front door with emblem cut-out" option:

This makes sense because if I really mess up either the front door or the side panel I can cut out the mistake and go for the windowed option as a fallback smile.gif .

I'll need to order some craft plaster soon to create a negative mould that I can bend the acrylic over to match the contour of the front door.

That's it for now!

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