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Originally Posted by Ithanul View Post

The puzzles where alright, but still think they could of done better. I really did not see the security one as a puzzle but collect the pieces instead.

Sorry, but all the darn monsters are dumb as bleeping rocks. Only one that killed me was one in Tau like you said by making a wrong turn, well and that darn fish that caught me off guard because I did not see it at first. The Proxies where super easy for me to get around, pretty much crouch and throw things or sit still when one comes by. You can pretty much dodge all the monsters pretty easy, their path patterns are too easy to figure out plus they are loud as hell so easy to figure out which direction they are going. Though, the glow heads are a tad annoying to get around (reason I kind of like their concept with the whole can't look at them, etc.).

Still not a bad game, still enjoy the story part and atmosphere. Just think they could done a few parts better.

You would have complained if you were struggling to pass the enemies undetected, guaranteed. It's very story driven more than mechanic. If you can't see that, then it explains why you're picking holes in it.
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