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Originally Posted by Ithanul View Post

I really did not find SOMA's enemies scary. Even though SOMA has more enemies, they where all easy to figure out. They either detect by noise or presence or combination of those two, except the fleshers, they can be agitated by looking at them. I should of stated why they seem the same to me. Pretty much, when enemies detect you, they run like mad crazy banshees like the enemies in Amnesia. Plus, I will state this too. Amnesia has dumb as rocks AI. I actually consider Amnesia on the low end of my list of their games.

Compare to the older games. I still keeping Penumbra up higher. Plus, at the end of the day. This is my own opinion which is pretty much what everyone has on the games they play.

It is hard to make a completely unique, innovative AI that's for sure. SOMA's are indeed familiar (concepts that have been done before), except the fleshers are rather distinct. But that is a complaint that can be directed to practically any and every game, not just this one. I suggest playing an AAA game and seeing how the AI is there. AI innovation is never there anymore, although with SOMA we can see that Frictional Games did try harder than most other studios so I give them credit for it.
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