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Originally Posted by tpi2007 View Post

I did say that they should go in a second category as they are on-going games. But they still perform at 100 fps+ on midrange hardware nowadays, just like they did when they launched, that's why they are so popular. People on laptops with Intel integrated graphics can play them at decent fps.

Thus they don't fill the second criteria that I mentioned - they aren't demanding.

MY R9 Fury does not do 100+ FPS on WoT, 1440P. Between 70 and 100 FPS. During machine-gun or Arty close range combat it might even drop to 60. IMHO, makes sense to test it when an R9 Fury or GTX 980 OCed have issues at those settings...

Especially when... the graphics will receive a gigantic boost soon...

Originally Posted by budgetgamer120 View Post

Underneath the water is tesselated and but doesn't affect performance. Makes sense.

Yes, exactly.

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