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Originally Posted by Coldwove View Post

Interesting. Based on my chemistry experience, there are a few ways that could work, However, diethyl ether is not something I would recommend using, it is considerably more dangerous than acetone, reacting with air and light and combined with being denser than air, explodes very easily, all of this is accelerated by having a boiling point barely above room temperature which makes it a pain to store.

hmm interesting, I can grab 1 L of it on Ebay for as little as £30 (I think that's about 35 in U.S dollars)...

I'd have to be smoking a cigorette or create a *spark* to ignite it though?

Been seriously considering grabbing it when my new POT arrives (for first time DICE experiment).

Can't seem to find a local LN2 supplier near Edinburgh (in Scotland/U.K).

Due to lack of LN2 available where I live, this could make a big difference to me, as it'll truely enable me to get to -100c ;-)

I hear what you're saying though, I would obviously need to be vigilant. And apply a bit common sense.
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