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Originally Posted by Coldwove View Post

The more I think about it the less feasible it sounds, Dice sublimates (turns to gas) at -80C ~ish and I believe that this -100C value refers to Dice that is colder than -100C being added to the diethyl ether and the temperature being brought up to that level. The Dice you can buy is found at its sublimation point, it stays at that temperature because of the ENORMOUS amount of energy (Not exaggerating almost 600KJ per Kg) required to sublimate it, due to this I don't think -100C will come around. Basically, is it possible? Yes but not in a dice pot cooling a "Hot" Component. Secondly on the explosive part, keep in mind this liquid also forms peroxides when it reacts with air, but more concerning than that is its density, it won't just evaporate and drift off, it sinks to the ground and stays there, at -80C the evaporation will be minimal, however, something as simple as the relay in a power supply can provide enough energy to spark it. I am curious though so give it a shot if you want but with good aeration and a properly insulated motherboard (because it is heavier than air because it will condensate on the board) Common sense is always recomended thumb.gif

Okay, I am a little worried now.. rep+1 for the information.

I might just try with Acetone first like everyone else :-) At least until I can maybe do some experiments outside to test how stable the two are together.. but maybe that is something for the future :-)
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