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Originally Posted by nrpeyton View Post

Okay, I am a little worried now.. rep+1 for the information.

I might just try with Acetone first like everyone else :-) At least until I can maybe do some experiments outside to test how stable the two are together.. but maybe that is something for the future :-)

Acetone is a lot less harmful and relatively speaking a lot less harder to ignite (still really easy though) acetone is still denser than air, but, a relay spark won't be setting it off as it's initiation energy (Energy to get a flame started) is quite high. As far as acetone is concerned, I believe that it can't ignite at -80C, hence a lot safer than Diethyl Ether. When working with organic compounds (Pretty much anything with Carbon Hydrogen and Oxygen in its formula) keep in mind that they can damage plastics or dissolve them, try dropping a Styrofoam cup in acetone(It will turn to a slime plastic like substance), although this will only readily happen from direct acetone contact so don't spill it on the insulation, damage from acetone gas is negligible (IDK why you would but just in case). Finally don't spill it in hydrogen peroxide as it forms a highly unstable explosive. I think that's all for acetone safety. thumb.gif
If you have any questions please ask

TL;DR : Acetone is quite safe.

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