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Build Log Index with Links

1. The Test Fit Order

2. The Rest of the Radiators Order

3. Max Over Kill Radiator Cleaning and Flushing Guide

4. The Fans are here!

5. Radiator Selection Criteria - Hardware Labs SR2 Multi-Port Radiator Pros and Cons

6. Fitting and Mounting the Bottom 560mm Hardware Labs SR2 Radiators - The Drain Set-up

7. Fitting and Mounting the Top 560mm Hardware Labs SR2 Radiators - The Fill Port Set-up

8. Fitting and Mounting the Front 280mm Hardware Labs SR2 Radiators

9. All Six Radiators Mounted

10. 17 Pieces at the Powder Coat Shop

11. Another Order comes in - Fittings - Tubing - Aqua Computer

12. Painting Radiators

13. Custom Illusion Red Powder Coating Completed

14. Mounting the Aquaero XT and Aquaero LT with Stealth Mount

15. Fan Testing

16. EK Vardar Fan Painting Guide Part 1

17. EK Vardar Fan Painting Guide Part 2

18. Mounting the Reservoirs - Aquacomputer Aqualis XT Pros and Cons

19. The First Tube - More cutting on the case

20. Installing Reservoir LEDs and Wiring the Fans

21. Modding the SSD Hot Swap Bays

22. Installing the EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2 Power Supply

23. Mounting Dual Aquacomputer D5 Pumps with Auqabus Interface - Custom Mounting Brackets

24. The Inside Color Scheme

25. Testing EK CryoFuel Blood Red Coolant - Choosing a red color of sleeving

26. Testing the Bitspower BP-EML16 fittings for 16mm hard tubing

27. Pump Set-up Finished

28. How to Update the Aquaero Firmware and Flash an Aquaero LT into a Slave unit using another computer

29. CPU and Motherboard Selection

30. Working on the Tubing

31. Asus Rampage VI Extreme Motherboard Unboxing

32. Intel Optane SSD 900P 480GB Unboxing

33. The RAM is here!

34. Up and running on the Test Bench - Windows Installed

35. Testing the RAM with HCI Memtest

36. The Quick and Dirty 5 GHz Over-Clock

37. How to use Rep+ to your advantage

38. Asus Aura Sync RGB Software Demo

39. Installing the Aquasuite Software and preliminary set up

40. Cinebench and CrystalDiskMark Benchmarks

41. Back Side Tubing Complete

42. Main Side Tubing and Loop Details

43. Picking a Pattern for the 24 pin Cable

44. Eight Pin and Four Pin Motherboard Cables Complete

45. Only six sata ports - Four Hard Drives in RAID 10 or Two Hard Drives in RAID 0?

46. Building the 24 Pin Cable

47. CPU Water Block Selection - Watercool Heatkiller IV PRO Acrylic HWLuxx Edition Unboxing

48. Custom Front Panel USB Type-C Port

49. Power and Reset Buttons

50. Sleeving the Front USB and Audio Panel Cables

51. Case Lighting

52. Sound Insulating the Solid Flex Bay Covers

53. Mounting the CPU and VRM Water Blocks

54. Water Leak Testing the Chassis

55. Tubing the VRM and CPU blocks

56. More Tube Bending

57. Unboxing the Bitspower Waterblock for the Intel Optane 900P SSD

58. More Tube Bending for the Back Side

59. Back Side Tubing Complete - Again

60. Bitspower Intel 900P Waterblock Installation

61. The Hard Drive Set-Up

62. Testing the Seagate 12TB Iron Wolf Pro Hard Drives

63. Polishing the HDD Waterblocks

64. Mounting the HDD Waterblocks and LED lighting

65. Custom Power Cable & SATA Cables for the HDDs

66. Tubing the Hard Disk Drives and the Intel 900P SSD

67. Sleeving & Shortening SATA Cables

68. Unboxing the EVGA RTX 2080 Ti Video Cards

69. Sampling Red Coolants and Dyes

70. Modding the NVLink Bridge

71. Making the Video Card Power Cables - Sleeving Tools

72. Final Air Pressure Test - Water Leak Testing - Fire it up!

73. Overclocking the 10 Core i9-7900X CPU

74. How to easily move your Game Library & Games Saves to a new rig - Installing the 2TB SSD

75. Watercool Heatkiller Acrylic Nickel Video Card Waterblocks

76. Overclocking the EVGA 2080 Ti Video Cards on air

77. Mounting the Heatkiller Video Card Waterblocks and Chrome Plating the Backplates

78. Video Card Tubing

79. Modding the NVLink Bridge... again

80. Reinstalling the Hard Disk Drives - The Last Bend

81. Final Leak Test - Blitz Part 2 Flushing - List of Fittings Used

82. The Final Unboxing - G.Skill Trident Z Royal Silver Ram

83. More Hard Disk Drive Drama - RMA Hell

84. i9-7900X @ 5135.97 GHz takes over the #1 spot in the 5GHz club!

85. Modding the Doors with Tempered Glass Windows and Sound Insulation

86. Reworking the CPU and RAM Overclocks

87. Overclocking and Benchmarking the RTX 2080 Ti Video Cards Now Under Water

88. Storage Overview, Expandability & Benchmarks

89. More Video Card Benchmarks with even better scores

90. Aquaero & Aquasuite Software Setup Guide

91. The Final Drain and Fill with Aqua Computer DP Ultra Red Coolant

92. Final Pictures - Top 50 Outside Daytime Shots

93. Final Pictures - Top 50 Nighttime Shots

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