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Thank you very informal. Proves that higher clocked RAM now has as much of a significance as more powerful GPUs & CPU's now:

All 6700k @ 4.7Ghz overclock:

Fallout 4:
4000 Mhz - 40.2 min 68.0 avg
3200 Mhz - 37.5 min 64.2 avg
2133 Mhz - 30.8 min 51.1 avg

Arma 3:
4000 Mhz - 81.8 avg
3200 Mhz - 76.4 avg
2133 Mhz - 64.6 avg

This is also a benefit with the Z270 platform over the X99 platform. On Z270 you can get DDR4 4266mhz easy XMP profile paired with a 5.2 Ghz 7600/7700k. When I had an X99 platform I couldn't really go above DDR4 2400 Mhz XMP profile on a 5960x @ 4.7Ghz without getting into some serious manual custom memory timings. Many people were able to get up to around 3000Mhz but that's about it.

Just further proves my experience that higher clocked CPUs & Memory will always trump more cores @ slower CPU & memory clocks in 99% of all gaming scenarios. I am batting for the Z270 team right now versus X99 but I think I'll have to go the new LGA 2066/x299 platform once it's released later this year. It's been proven that once you push the 4k realm (triple 4k or the new 144mhz 4k monitors), the extra PCIE lanes and the extra CPU cores really does make a big FPS difference to push that much bandwidth.

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