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Hey thanks for being my first subscriber!
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This is a massive build. In for the ride. thumb.gif
Glad you are in for the ride thumb.gif
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Dubbed. Thought this was a white at first by the picture on casabs thread
Welcome. Better pics coming.
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I'll be following smile.gif
Welcome, glad to have you follow along.
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I'm a sucker for a big Caselabs build, . .

Sign me up!


Yeah... I think I'm a sucker for ANY CaseLabs build biggrin.gif Glad to have you here. I really admire all your awesome window and lighting mods! Always top notch work. My favorite is the TH10A Power Doors mod. thumb.gif

One of the first things I did was to buy this cart. I will use this to build on. It gets tiring moving a computer case around a table while you are working on it, and this thing is going to be heavy. I am really happy with it, very easy to just spin the case around. It's actually an AV cart, very well made and heavy duty. Here's a link with more info Luxor / H. Wilson AVJ42XLKB Adjustable Height 3 Shelf Black A/V Cart with Keyboard Shelf I actually bought mine on ebay.
The first picture is just the bottom part. You could leave the top off and just use the bottom as a short table.

Here's some outside shots of the case. On the new cart of course.

With two 280 mounts in front and a 140 mount on the upper left side. I plan to put the HDDs there with a 140mm fan in front.

That's just a spare motherboard to give you a better size reference.

With the side panels on. I took the windows out for now. I don't want to peel the paper off yet.

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