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Originally Posted by fragamemnon View Post

I've taken the liberty to compile a .rmskin package with all the necessary files included. dranas and you are listed as authors. Requesting permission to tag myself along. smile.gif

It will be a work in progress as I will add more stuff, but for now I will be using minor versions. It's up to you to decide if/when a major version will be out.

Latest version - 1.0.6

v 1.0.6 Screenshot (Click to show)
v 1.0.6 Changelog (Click to show)
  • Proper icons for OCN, EOC and HFM added.
  • Changed layout properties of the Client names and AwesomeImages icons, allowing for linked dynamic centered behaviour based on an offset with a fixed skin width of 200.
  • Uncommented AwesomeImages and they are now present for all Clients.
  • AwesomeImages naming scheme and icons have been changed:
    1. AwesomeImage[1,2,3,4] - numbers have been adjust in order to correspond with the Client number and they point to the ocn.ico icon.
    2. AwesomeImage has been renamed to AwesomeImageEOC and points to the eoc.png icon.
    3. AwesomeImage2 has been renamed to AwesomeImageHFM and points to the hfm.ico icon.

Can you send me the script your used?
The compiled package isn't working on my PC for some reason.

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