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The beta WU's are untested and supposed to used by the Stanford Beta Testing Team and they give feedback. If you are not a member and ask a question over there your post will be deleted. After a beta WU gets a base point and QRB assigned it's moved to advanced and for the general public but you are still testing to see if they need to adjust points or the change WU. Even if you don't use a flag like me you will still get duds or heaters that your card can't complete.
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I believe i'm having issues with drivers. I'm using Windows 10, and have my MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X OC'd to 2025 Mhz Core Clock and Memory Clock to 4399 MHz. My current PPD always fluctuates, and I did have that same usage problem you have. My fix was opening up the folding viewer, and that will make it use your gpu boost. I'm assuming that drivers are still a little weird on that one. Currently i'm only getting 578k estimated PPD reported on the client. I have seen my PPD go up to 680k, that was with a different driver (I think I need to find it x.x) O.C'd to 1932 Mhz I believe, and without using the flags. I suppose I just need to do a lot more testing. Anyways, I was curious what drivers you've tested and have had luck on.

Using the viewer takes GPU power. Your problem is probably your driver or you could have your Folding client set to low or are pausing to game. I watch YouTube and post here with my daily rig and it drops my PPD.

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