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Originally Posted by noibat2 View Post

Thank you for all that info!
My grip is exaclty what picture shows : 1-3-1. My previous mouse was a 4 years old D.A where I tried to apply the same grip on G403.

Now , I'll start my training with a new grip style

My grip is "angled" too. But I'm ok with G403 because I have been gripping like this for years and I'm use to such situations. My wrist movement will compensate my angled grip.
It is actually automatically done by the brain, not because I spent time adapting to it. Everyone can adapt to it in a hour of gaming session.
Like I said, it's just that most people never tried to draw a horizontal line before they receive a G403.

Manage to run your games at 300+fps before you talk about mouse precision.
If you are still struggling to reach 100fps or if you are using some IPS/VA monitor, don' buy mice anymore. Save money and upgrade your whole rig.
If you don't know how to upgrade, just throw away your Ryzen 1st and 2nd gen, get latest Intel i7 i9 with "K", get 4000+MHz memory.
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