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All getting Hyped for the new Ryzen competition!?

So I was thinking of pre-ordering but the lack of decent VRM sections of most release motherboards seems to be straight up awful if you wanna overclock any unless you want to spend 200$++

I'm a cheapskate enthusiast and want to spend as little as possible for great things. Comparing all the boards available I'm disappointed for what kind of power delivery we will be getting with most boards.

Basically all boards arrive with max 4phase design unless you go up to premium deluxe bling designs that all add cost to the absurd when you only want that last part about VRM better the rest you care not much at all about.

With the leak of the new AMD Ryzen 7 1700 65TDP chip hitting max around 3.8Ghz on the cheaper boards mentioned(most 4-phase and cooking). And topping 4.05Ghz on the premium deluxe boards with the better VRM such as Asus VI hero or Asrock Taichi. I'm torn..

I really don't want to spend as much on the motherboard as the cpu in the end. (the cheap Ryzen 7 1700)

Does anyone know which power designs the various boards have yet?

I'm guessing the cheaper MSI boards have those awful 4-array Nikos per phase. (read bad things about those) Unless you like smoked computers.
The Titanium being the most expensive release board with only 6-phase what it seems like doesn't attract.(though I guess they are the premium set of VRM chips(not any NIKOS there)

The Gigabyte mention low(RSD)on and they appear to be their usual design I guess. Vishay?
They seem to be 1 high, 2 low-side design per phase.
Problem here is they have the same design all they way up until their premium boards such as "Gigabyte X370 GA-AX370-Gaming 5".
All lower tier boards have only 4-phase and only at "gaming 5" do we get a what looks like (8+2/6+4)-phase design for cpu power.
And you can get 2 TWO! of the 4-phase boards for the same price as that Gaming 5... Really?

That lowRDSon 4 phase design I've seen been rated to ~140Watt Max with extra cooling unsinked on much older motherboards. Is it still similar?
My old Am2+ board with this 4 phase design cooks on 1.4volts and needs extra fan or extra heatsinks with a old Phenom 1 at 3Ghz..(what the wattage may now be for that old clunker I still use)

They really are tiering out OC only to the expensive boards aren't they?

So what are you supposed to do? It seems like you need an extra 100$ for the better VRM which means you could actually just buy the 1700X instead and keep the cheap board and have same kind of results but now guaranteed with NO OC?

WARNING: Consider the above INACCURATE!
Below more accurate:
AMD AM4 Motherboard VRM List (german)

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