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Originally Posted by LuckyImperial View Post

Well, your speculation on VRM manufacturers is just that...speculation. We really have no idea what parts will go into these boards, and if a 6 phase B350 can spit out 150W safely, you'll see plenty of good OC's. My FX-8350 eats 180W ~1.5V full load, so there's no real NEED for 300W outputs on Ryzen.

I recommend going 6-phase like you want (Gigabyte or something) and immediately swapping out the TIM for some Sarcon or something if you're really worried about thermal load.

Edit: We're not dealing with Bulldozer/Piledriver here. We may find that the Ryzen chips do just fine on heatsinked 6 phase boards.

100% agree. Coming from 125~220 watt flagship AMD CPUs I think everyone is a little over concerned with power delivery. 65~95 watt CPUs should be a lot easier on VRMs. Can't say for sure how all this will pan out for overclocking. Can't wait to start seeing results though.

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