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Originally Posted by SuperZan View Post

I remember reading that when you posted it and while I don't disagree with your conclusions, it's always been the case with low-end Biostar. They're not as big a company as some of others so they don't have the resources to make a consistently solid stack. I've found from past experience that their 'best' boards were usually competitive a la http://www.overclockers.com/biostar-ta890fxe-motherboard-review/ . The caveat has always been that their low-end boards are not very good and better left to OEM's and such.

My interest is piqued. I'll happily play the guinea pig this time around as I like several boards thus far but am not overwhelmed by any. I'll try this out and see what comes out as we move forward.

By all means, i don't disagree. I also removed the thermal pad and posted a pic in the FX8300 owners thread and let's say that the pad wasn't in good conditions... However, i advice caution, because since Biostar is probably the most untested brand, weird things can emerge. Some BIOS settings were weird for me for sure.

Also, i bought that motherboard without any expectations for overclocking. Heck, i run undervolted. Yet, it throttled at 3.5Ghz!

Here's that motherboard, is sold from 86EUR min to 94EUR max, right now (i was an early adopter and grabbed it for 75EUR when it first landed in the first shop).


In my local Amazon, it sells for 94EUR:

The Gigabyte 970 UD3P, can be found at 75 EUR and it goes all they way to 4.5Ghz


For 84EUR, you can find the MSI 970 Gaming, that also overclocks.

For 100EUR, you have the ASUS Aura:


101EUR in Amazon: https://www.amazon.it/Asus-970-PRO-Gaming-Scheda/dp/B01A9GLESG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1488011361&sr=8-1&keywords=ASUS+970+AUra

Bottom line: I wasn't expecting any overclocking records, but what the heck, for a motherboard that is sold more than the Gigabyte 970 UD3P and currently in Amazon for 7 EUR less than the ASUS Aura, i would expect to NOT throttle at 3.5Ghz! biggrin.gif I mean, for 7 EUR more (going by Amazon prices), the Aura is leagues above it!

Bottom line: This might be a case of bad model, where it looks better than it is. It can happen. But, since here most people like extreme overclock, the same thing can happen to more costly boards. Meaning, it may look good, but overclock lower than the competition at comparable prices. So, caution is always a good thing, in products with dubbious performance. That's all i say. I am not saying that i KNOW that Biostar AM4 will be a bad deal. They may actually be a terrific deal out of a need to make a comback to the market. I just advice caution. Let the reviewers do the legwork for you.

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