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Originally Posted by elmor View Post

Originally Posted by Sgt Bilko View Post

Thanks for this Elmor, will be using it when I get mine up and running.

I had an issue with my board, started off displaying an "8" or "B" Q-Code, I tried for several hours to get it to even post, manual never had any data of what those Q-Codes are or the 30 and 46 codes I would occasionally get.

Any ideas?

Post codes are in the XOC guide. 8 is equivalent to 00 on other platforms, means your CPU is not operational. Check if it's seated properly and a DMM to check if Core & SOC voltages are coming up.

I just noticed them when you posted, seating was good but I've heard a little extra downward pressure on the CPU itself might help, that true?

No DMM here I'm afraid.

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