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Originally Posted by uk80glue View Post

didn't see the link until I'd already typed out a response so here's some copy pasta

Seems like that's a big thing here lately. Taking an already "top tier" case and adding a couple little extra things to it like aluminum instead of steel or tempered glass instead of plastic and turning around and slapping a $900-1k price tag on it. If I'm going to pay $1000 for a case you better make it worth $1000 and include more than a couple little upgrades over the $200 case.

For that matter, buying a $1000 case is like buying a luxury vehicle. Part of what I'm paying for is the name, and if I'm dropping that kind of cash I want something that carries the cost of the name as well. I'd spend $1000 on a top of the line Case Labs case long before I spent it on a gimmick case from a mid tier manufacturer. If I'm buying a luxury car I'm buying a Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes, ect, I'm not spending that kind of money on a Kia no matter how nice it is.

Yeah i agree, i like the case but 1K is insane. It's not some inwin exclusive case and honestly the build quality does not look super flawless. There are some panel gaps and the usb ports are not aligned. Little things add up....

Originally Posted by Roadrunners View Post

I think its a nice case but the price is way too high and I cant understand why they have bundled it with that massive flight case. I would rather they sold it for less without it.

IMO it should be priced a few hundred dollars more than the Primo.

I think Hardwarecanuks said the case costs just under 200 for them to manufacture ( the flight case ) Thats 20% of the cost ! i get wanting to reduce RMAs but i really dont think it was worth the price.. i would consider this case at 699 ( consider ) 899 .....

My current rig is in an inwin 909. Yes its an incredibly annoying case to deal with but it is just as, if not more premium, at half the cost.

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