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Originally Posted by Tobiman View Post

Hardware fr have updated their review with interesting results when you undo core parking. http://www.hardware.fr/articles/956-2/zen-architecture-equilibree.html
Disabling core parking is among the first things I do and check for even with a quad core CPU...
Sadly it doesn't seem like reviewers know much about Win power options, you can rename the profiles to what ever you want, create your own etc. what matters is what you set inside those profiles, you can set min/max CPU clock, parking, cooling, PCIe speeds, and other stuff that can affect performance for various parts of the computer.
For an old game that would run many many unbelievable FPS, I've actually made a special profile once that would limit the CPU down so it doesn't run full throttle when it can 800MHz instead for the task needed as such the power and cooling are very very different.

For those that don't know how to set parking, it's in power options, just enable it with this for Win10:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


In other words this balanced/performance profile thing is useless that's going on in reviews, just go into your profile and set the CPU to what you want not what M$ predefined the profile with.

^ This works for Intel to drop clocks and volts even with manual volts set. 99% base clock, 100% = Turbo = OC clock.
Dunno how Ryzen likes it, if it wants always 100% and forbid Windows to fiddle with clocks and leave it to the CPU or if it wants the states to be changed by Windows like it's on Intel.
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