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Originally Posted by TristanL View Post

did my build today, seems to run without major problems so far

Asus Prime 370X-Pro
HyperX DDR4 2666 CL13 (Installed in A2 & B2)
Thermalright Macho X2

but i do have a few questions:

1. Right now it will only boot with 2400MHz set as the RAM speed (second DOCP Profile) with 2666 (even set manually) I have to reset the Bios.
The Bios is the newest (504) - am i missing something or is this just one of the expected things that might happen with early BIOS Versions?

my temperature seems fairly high:

even while in BIOS it hits the 55-60°C, i did some small benches stresstests with CPUZ and got up to 75°C, as you can see the voltage seems pretty high (no OC!) in the BIOS it is set to the default 1.35V. Are these temps still normal or should I re check the cooler?

3. last but not least, there is an unknown device displayed in the device manager, and even google cant really find what it is (latest AMD Chipset is installed) Any Ideas?

(pls excuse my poor writing it was an exiting build/day and now i need to calm down and get some rest)

Bonus 3D Mark 11 Performance Score: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/12031119

0502 @ 1.35 auto resulting in 1.45n+v (cpuz) @ bios and cpuz 36°c idle, ~42°c surfing web(setting up system)
0504 @ 1.35 target v (1.26n-1.29n v idle 1.35-6nV cpuz) max load (encoding) 44c idle 74c maxload

Asus Prime 370X-Pro
HyperX DDR4 2666 CL13 (Installed in A2 & B2)
H110i AiO going crazy rpm because of the 0504 bios temp readings

we have pretty much the same setup, im pretty sure we got the same memory, which was rated 13-13-13 on retailer, which is actually 13-14-14 xmp2
if you want to get a 2666 you should look for a supported single sided / 1R memory, you can check these on the QVL on asus specification>support site

not sure if the upcoming bios will help with the full bandwidth on dual sided / 2R memory
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