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Originally Posted by DRKSYDER View Post

This might not be the best place for my question.. but hope you guys can help .. I'm trying to figure out if I should go with 7700k and overclock to 4.9/5 or go with ryzen 1700 and OC to 3.9/4 the only thing I really do is play 1080p @ 75hz with gtx 1080 I know it's a little overkill lol .. I play BF1 and. Star citizen are my main to games . Please help me choose

I game at 72hz on a much slower 6 core 12 thread Xeon CPU and have no issues maintaining 72fps min and max. Last game I played was BF4 all maxed with 4x MSAA.

When I play doom and disable my fps limiter I am always over 150fps at 1080p all maxed.

This is with a Fury X.

Ryzen 7 is much faster than my CPU. So it will have no issue.
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