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@Sgt Bilko @Arne Saknussemm

Nice to have you guys onboard thumb.gif .

@Arne Saknussemm

Storage capability is lacking on X370 vs say X99 from what I have seen others state. As X370 has enough for what I need I've not looked too much into it. Got some images which later I will place in OP.

Yeah OC headroom is sucking on Ryzen. Platform is immature and pretty much all are having "teething" issues. So it will be a rough ride for some time, but I do believe it will be OK as time goes on.

Seems like major "bang for $" though vs an Intel 8C setup TBH, that's what made me jump.

This was an interesting watch posted by a member in owners club. Hoping to ask someone who has more knowledge (aka The Stilt if the video is on the ball and will add to OP).
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