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Originally Posted by ruffhi View Post

Wow ... that polished top is a lot different. You also polished it sooooooo much that the ports changed location. That must have taken a lot of effort.
Yes... I was thinking the same thing as I posted those pictures lol. I only took a few "before" pictures, and that was the best one. I hurriedly took the after pictures, which weren't very good. The best one of the few I took happened to be upside down from the before picture, also you can see it's still missing the back two pieces. Going to have great weather this weekend, I'll get some better pictures.

Originally Posted by JCArch View Post

Am I seeing it correctly that you were able to sand off the Bitspower branding? I think their stuff looks great, but it's absolutely saturated with their logo and I'm not a fan of that at all.
I did not start out intending to sand off the Bitspower branding, but by the time I got the 400 grit to the point of moving onto 800 grit, it was half worn through! At that point I went ahead and used 400 grit until the branding etching was gone before moving onto the 800 grit. I'm with you about the "branding", I think it looks better without it thumb.gif

Originally Posted by Mad Monk View Post

Nice drool.gif

Coming up next... painting the radiators.

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