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Originally Posted by IRobot23 View Post

R5 1500X might be only around 180$! Also if you are fan of 144Hz as I am you probably know that i7 7700K 5GHz wont give you that in MP games, what will give you 144Hz+ is optimization and moar cores.
I can tell you and every owned of i7 6800K that at 4.4GHz it will just murder i7 7700K 5GHz in BF1 MP.

And thats why I wont agree with reviewers, because they wont show that i7 7700K is loosing it...
You can just check BF1 forum how people are crying because of their i7 is at 100% load and GPU is under 80%.

BF1 is of little interest to me as i haven't played it since launch and when i did i was content with 100 ish fps in that title. Overwatch is my go to fps and i have no problems averaging over 250 fps on a 7700k + 1080 @1080p. I returned the R7 1700 because it couldn't manage those fps numbers so it wouldn't be good for a 240hz display.

EDIT: Unless i was doing work that actually used all 16 threads all the time and saved me time i just don't see a point in Ryzen right now where gaming is concerned. I would rather get the best performance now than wait for AMDs finewine technology. When the wine has fermented then i'll get on the train again.

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