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Originally Posted by Tsumi View Post

That's because Ryzen has Broadwell-E solidly beat in performance/$ in multimedia and workstation type work, Broadwell-E only makes sense if you want absolute best workstation performance or need the PCI-E lanes. Gaming is where things get muddy, and the price competitors are the 1700 and 1700x against the 7700k. When the 6 and 4 core Ryzens are released, they will be pitted against i5s and i3s.
Your post makes no sense whatsoever.

Let me simplify my point.

Whoever sells the most CPUs wins.

Doesn't matter how great something is. What matters is will the majority of consumers buy it? You need to create a product that is best for the target consumers. That means a better deal than the competition.

Again. It didn't matter when AMD or Intel has the fastest CPU. What mattered was who had the best deals. That's why Intel won for so long. That i5 was priced just right for it's performance.

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