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Painting Radiators

Time to paint the radiators. I did not originally plan to paint the radiators. They were black, and that's what I wanted. However, the paint that comes one the radiators is very thin and it's actually worn through in places from sliding around in the boxes. Also the fins have very little paint on them. So I'm going to go with a semi-gloss black spray paint to see if I can make them look a little better.

I've had good results with this Rust-Oleum Paint before, so that's what I used here.

I used a scuff pad to scuff the radiators and then wiped them down good. I used the stop plugs that came with the radiators as "paint plugs" now biggrin.gif

I used the screws that came with the radiators as paint stand-offs and to keep the paint from getting into the fan holes. Interestingly I had put the screws from all the radiators in one bag, after putting them into the radiators here I realized there were two different length screws. At the same screw head height the shorter screws were barely through the threads and the longer ones were almost touching the screw shields.

The screws that came with the radiators was only enough to do half of the holes, so I used some of the cheap China stainless screws I bought off of ebay. I'm not planning to use these now so perfect to paint over and toss. It was then that I realized these screw were considerably looser in the fan hole threads than the original ones are. Plus about one in ten screws has bad threads, won't even screw in, and some have the allen head filled in. So glad I have better screws to use.

I did three lights coats on the first side. Then carefully held the center bottom screws and flipped the radiators over. Three more light coats on the second side.

Here's the big news... as I'm almost finished prepping these radiators, getting ready to start painting them, and I get a voice mail on my phone from a number I don't recognize. I almost just ignored it because I'm getting ready to paint, but I check the message, it's from the powder coat shop... "your project is complete and ready for you to pick up, we'll be here until 12:30 today". They are usually closed on Saturdays and it's already 11:00.

Well the guy told me it was going to take three weeks, and it's only been two weeks! I'm not even expecting this, but of course I drop what I'm doing run down there to pick up my 17 pieces thumb.gif

I so badly wanted to come home and put the panels on the case, but I was already set up to paint the radiators. I would have run out of daylight and time for them to dry if I delayed any, so painted the radiators as planned. I did pull a few pieces out to check them out. It looks like they did an amazing job on the powder coating. More on that later, but for now here's a couple of teaser shots just so you can see the actual color.

This was three different angles in the sun light. This one is with a direct reflection of the sun into the camera.

I'm off to put the panels on the case thumb.gif
Photo bomb to follow biggrin.gif

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