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Originally Posted by ZealotKi11er View Post

I am no fan of AMD or Intel. Reason I still have 3770K is because the how pathetic their CPUs have been. AMD started Zen after SB and IVY so they knew the baseline performance target. The reason for the disappointment is because I was ready to just to Zen but was sadly no target to me and gamers. I never wanted 6900K to begin with and many people dont too. 8-Core are nice if you have a use for me. I refuse to pay $ for ifs in the future. I think 5GHz 7700K is more than 10% faster than 4.6GHz 3770K but still does not give me reason to upgrade.

Every ryzen with lower clock and faster memory will kick as of that i7 3770K.
i7 7700K cost around 360$, with decent MB 570$, and really fast DDR4 2x8GB 3200MHz you are near 680$ ...
i7 6800K cost 440$, with decent MB 690$, Q-CH DDR4 830$...

Around 50% more performance for 20% more price?
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