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Originally Posted by msel View Post

I am on the 1.00 BIOS the board came with, which is the same BIOS posted on the MSI support page for the board (English). I briefly looked through the MSI forums and didn't see any beta BIOS available for use. I'll look again this evening.

I have heard that some people have been having issues with NVMe drives like mine on these boards. Are you using SATA or NVMe? That may account for some of the difference. Times were done with a stopwatch from the moment I pressed the power button so your startup time @10 seconds from cold boot is definitely faster than mine.
Oh Duh lol I saw the bios download on MSI's website and assumed it was new. Ill have to check when I get home from work, My time with the system was very minimal at the moment. I loaded win10 from usb onto my M.2 boot drive, didnt change any settings or anything. I didnt use a stopwatch but can try that, I just counted to 10 and was fully booted right before I got to 10 seconds. Was surprised how fast it booted after hearing a lot of boards having much slower boot times.
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