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Originally Posted by tacobob89 View Post

Oh Duh lol I saw the bios download on MSI's website and assumed it was new. Ill have to check when I get home from work, My time with the system was very minimal at the moment. I loaded win10 from usb onto my M.2 boot drive, didnt change any settings or anything. I didnt use a stopwatch but can try that, I just counted to 10 and was fully booted right before I got to 10 seconds. Was surprised how fast it booted after hearing a lot of boards having much slower boot times.

I presume the RAM is at 2133? Curious if changing the RAM timings/speed adds to the additional boot times (if indeed it is additional system it was timed in the same manner). I'm still trying to hold out for the Gigabyte K7 but I get more impatient every day I look at the CPU sitting there begging for a motherboard to climb on to.

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