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HFM for team competition purposes is a very possible thing.  I haven't set up secure FTP servers in a while with user groups and what not, but could probably set up a FTP server on the current server running the TC stats site and allow people to upload their stats to that.  The major downside is abusing the system by continuously uploading stuff, or using it for the upload/download/transfer of copyrighted content, etc.


We had at one point a central site that could link to all TC member's own HFM stats, and many teams had their own iFrames in the team threads linking their team member's HFM stats too.


I could have a page setup up for each team that used the mobile version of HFM and displays it on a single page, but providing hosting for everyone's would be the harder part.




An alternative could be using Google Drive, or OneDrive set up on everyone's machine and OCN could have a shared folder which sub-folders for each team member.  Each member sets HFM to just save their HTML site to that folder on their own PC, then it auto-syncs and my web server can use all those sub-folders to build a web site from as well.  You still have the downside of someone using the service for non [email protected] purposes or hogging all the space.


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