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Well it feels like an eternity since ive been here but i feel i have been neglecting my duties to our BOINC team smile.gif

With work having kept me busy for so long i have not had time to even entertain using my PC for anything other than work related tasks. The last time i had any sort of gaming session was several months ago so my GTX 780 has sat doing not a lot frown.gif

Since gaming has taken a back seat and my gpu is otherwise going to sit idle i figured why not do something constructive and get crunching again. Technology has progressed without me but i noticed the new gpus from Nvidia are quite powerful now and so i have purchased a nice new GTX1080 to update my PC. According to specs i see that the 1080 is far superior in performance to my old GTX780 and it seems to have massively improved power draw as well ( are there magic pixies at play here ?? )

With the above new gpu winging its way to me as i type im curious if anyone else has been using this gpu with Boinc and what results they were getting ?

Anyway it will be nice to get back into something other than work and maybe just maybe slip in a game or two now and then smile.gif

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