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Well the card has arrived and the computer had a clear out of dust ( about 2 years worth frown.gif ), radiators re positioned and all clean again.

Doing another batch of Collatz now to see performance difference and they seem to be finishing between 600-700 seconds, which compared to 2300+ is amazing to me. The best part is how cool this thing is under load, 97% use and only 46c , truly amazed. I had a Kraken cooler on the 780 at one point and that worked well but this Hybrid cooler seems really good ( 23c idle 46c load ).

The card is nicely finished and works really well so far, i tested briefly with 3DMark Firestrike and more than doubled my previous score with the 780. I think when i upgrade to high res screen there will be no graphics issues smile.gif

Should be good for the next BGB event thumb.gif

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