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Originally Posted by loktite78 View Post

I have this case, and while expensive it is worth it. The case is beautiful. The build quality is phenomenal, it is solid and nothing moves or gives when moving it around, even with the panels off while doing the build. The powder coating is uniform and no imperfections. All of the mounting points for doors and panels are rubberized for silence. The case is HEAVY! 72 lbs!!

There were numerous holes for mounting the rez, but I had to drill a few anyway because of where I wanted it. I'm using a 200mm Monsoon MMRS rez with 25mm mounts. The tray you mount the rez on moves to the left and right to give you more space on either side if needed.

I did not like where the pump mounting plates were. I bought the sweet looking Monsoon MMRS stand alone pump tops and I didn't want to mount them in the back. I plan on using the rubberized mounting plates in the middle area. I'm not going to use the rad mounting adapter so I will drill holes in the middle plate.

Only gripe, small gripe, is the back. But, i can see the utility in it. I have 14 fans on the 2 rads i have so I will need to have a large volume of air for the case.

Just to try to place your point of view on the case. How many "premium" cases have you owned? (serious question).

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