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Originally Posted by WhiteWulfe View Post

I don't even have a day of work for Help Stop TB yet O_o Would be nice to get a few more without having to resort to setting WCG to pull only that particular type. It's the only type (beyond beta) that I don't have a badge for yet - clean energy project I don't count because of just how rare those work units are.

If you dont have any of the projects unchecked, you can simply un-check all of them except TB, and check "If there is no work available for the project(s) I have selected above, please send me work from another project."

This will make it so that any time you try to get a unit, it tries first to get a TB unit, then falls back to all the regular priories if none were available. thumb.gif

I might have done something like this to get my badge whistle.gif

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