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Hey guys,

Decided to finally upgrade from my old faithful i7-2600K and since I'm an oldschool PC enthusiast I like to pick up some new and perhaps even a little bit untested hardware and I don't mind a little bit of tinkering......so long story short I picked up some brand new hardware last week:
-AMD Ryzen 7 1700X
-16gb RAM (Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3200C16, recommended in the AMD blog here)
-Asys PRIME X370-Pro

Built the system and fired it up...had a long(ish) black screen until the system finally booted up and I got to installing Windows. Fiddled around a little bit and found out my RAM was running at 2133mhz. So I went back to the BIOS and fooled around with the RAM settings. In the end I set the AI Tuner to DOCP mode and DRAM Frequency to 2666mhz and thats the highest it would go for me.

My board was supplied with the BIOS version 0502, also tried flashing to 0504 but theres seems to be some temperature display bug in the version 0504 and it shows 20 degrees too much (?) as the offset value appears to be set incorrectly in that particular BIOS version...I couldnt go any higher than 2666mhz on the RAM anyway. Anything higher and it just kept beeping at POST and wouldnt boot up...so I flashed BIOS back to 0502 and I'm running that now.

There is one other issue I've had randomly on this motherboard, and its that it for whatever reason sometimes doesn't recognize all my SATA drives at bootup, I was wondering at times why seemingly nothing happens when I fire up the PC but then yesterday I noticed that sometimes it seems to just randomly not recognize my O/S drive and sometimes one of the other SATA drives I have. I dont know if this is an issue from my RAM tinkering or is it another bug in the platform...

Performancewise I'm quite happy with it. I do some video encoding and it seems quite a bit faster than on my old Sandy Bridge CPU. In gaming I have not really noticed that much of a difference, but I wasn't really expecting much.

So whats the point of this post? Maybe just to give some user experience from this motherboard and hopefully give some tips to some people.

Bottomline: The AM4 platform seems to be somewhat buggy/unfinished right now, and especially the ASUS boards seem to have quite a bit of issues. Also there hasnt been an official ASUS BIOS update for this board for nearly a month which is really weird...I read somewhere that there's gonna be one "soon", but whenever that is...I dont know.

Anyway, feel free to ask anything about this motherboard/setup and I'll try to answer as much as I can smile.gif.

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