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I'm pretty sure the temperature bug is a Ryzen 1700x/1800x issue, where they display +20 celsius (I can't remember, but I've read that a few times).

I have the same board with a 1700 and temperatures seem to be realistic. I'm only using the built-in Wraith Spire cooler and so far I've reached 3.8 stable on all cores for over an hour on Prime 95 at just over 1.3 volts.

My RAM, a Trident Z 32GB kit (ddr-3000) is clocking up to 2666mhz using DOCP 2666mhz at proper CAS 15. This is the model number of the kit I have:


I haven't done any power tests to see how much it's pulling from the wall. I'm slowly messing with voltage to see what my lowest stable vCore is.

But so far so good. Updated to BIOS 0504 without issue, cleared CMOS, set optimized defaults with F5 in advanced BIOS, and good to go as of now!

I am temporarily using an old Seagate SSHD ST1000LM24 drive without issue. Not the fastest, but so far so good. All OC done in BIOS, not Ryzen Master.

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