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Originally Posted by FinnishOC View Post

There is one other issue I've had randomly on this motherboard, and its that it for whatever reason sometimes doesn't recognize all my SATA drives at bootup, I was wondering at times why seemingly nothing happens when I fire up the PC but then yesterday I noticed that sometimes it seems to just randomly not recognize my O/S drive and sometimes one of the other SATA drives I have. I dont know if this is an issue from my RAM tinkering or is it another bug in the platform...

I had this exact same behavior on my Prime. Have a Samsung 840 EVO on SATA0, two identical WD Black 2.0TB on SATA1 and SATA2, and BD-RW on SATA3; SATA0 is not recognized more than half the time. I had to plug it in SATA4 and it is now always detected..

I had read somewhere that it may be related to how the SATA specs do it things on detecting SATA0 and 1.

I'm using AHCI and software RAID for SATA1 and SATA2, CPU-Z hanged when using Firmware RAID + AMD RAID Driver; it was hanging with HDD Guardian too.

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