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Originally Posted by Darkstalker420 View Post

Thanks for this "heads up". This is the MoBo i will probably be purchasing later this year for my RyZen 1700 build. How often does it "forget" your SATA drives? (this is slightly bothersome imho). Also any other BIOS quirks? Have tried to clock the 1700X? if so was it "easy" or did you have to fight the MoBo (settings wise) for the OC?

Any other day to day probs you could share would be great. Also can you adjust the REFClock or is it just multiplier only? and also when you look at CPU-Z (or similar) is the REFClock 100Mhz or something silly like 99.8Mhz. Thanks for the thread will help me out for sure. As i keep my rigs for years (look at sig! biggrin.gif ) and don't want to buy a cranky/fussy MoBo i will be fighting all the way.

Hey, it appears to remember my SATA drives when I have not tinkered with anything in the BIOS. At least now that I've just left my RAM at the 2666mhz and not even tried to touch it the PC has booted up reliably every time (with all drives found). I'm not 100% sure, but it seemed to lose the drives at times when I was trying to fiddle with the RAM settings or settings in the BIOS in general.

I'm not 100% sure on this one either but I think the REFClock is limited to the Crosshair-board. I have not yet tried overclocking the CPU much because I seem to get simply WILD variance on temperature measurements in different software. My Ryzen Master is saying my CPU idles at 60 degrees celsius and it seems to jump insanely much just in idle, between 55-70 degrees. Then again the ASUS AI Suite says my CPU idles at 43C so go figure rolleyes.gif

So right now I've got a stable system with the RAM running at 2666mhz, no disappearing SATA drives and my BIOS version is 0502. Some people seem to have better luck with RAM on the 0504 BIOS but that BIOS has the bugged temperature offset for my 1700X....if you have a 1700 it won't matter because the offset is only for 1700X or 1800X.

But if you ask me, ASUS won't get very high marks for this board! I'm hoping most of the issue would be fixed with a proper BIOS though - so I guess we'll see. I read AMD released new AGESA code today onto board manufacturers so perhaps we'll finally get a BIOS update for this board too....

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