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Originally Posted by LazarusIV View Post

Edit: Those with issues, are you using clean installs of your OS or not?
Yeah, clean O/S install of course - was coming from an Intel system so it was a given smile.gif

And I do clean O/S installs for much smaller changes too.

But to recap my issues on this board:
-RAM doesn't want to run above 2666mhz even with the AMD recommended Corsair kit (2666mhz seems decent still, compared to some issues others are having).
-If I change something in BIOS and reboot the board/BIOS randomly loses some of my SATA drives. If I don't touch my BIOS settings, it seems to reliably find them.
-The temperature values reported by Ryzen Master / Asus AI Suite / BIOS vary wildly. This apparently is a bug in the BIOS versions 0504 and the beta BIOS 0505 that affects the 1700X and 1800X because those BIOS versions dont count the offset correctly.

Lets hope the new BIOS versions will come soon and fix many of these issues smile.gif

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