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Originally Posted by Darkstalker420 View Post

Thanks for this "heads up". This is the MoBo i will probably be purchasing later this year for my RyZen 1700 build. How often does it "forget" your SATA drives? (this is slightly bothersome imho). Also any other BIOS quirks? Have tried to clock the 1700X? if so was it "easy" or did you have to fight the MoBo (settings wise) for the OC?

Any other day to day probs you could share would be great. Also can you adjust the REFClock or is it just multiplier only? and also when you look at CPU-Z (or similar) is the REFClock 100Mhz or something silly like 99.8Mhz. Thanks for the thread will help me out for sure. As i keep my rigs for years (look at sig! biggrin.gif ) and don't want to buy a cranky/fussy MoBo i will be fighting all the way.


X370 Prime Pro doesn't have a bclk modifier

Also as per the QVL (http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/SocketAM4/PRIME_X370-PRO/PRIME_X370-PRO_Memory_QVL.pdf) the only kit running > 2666MHz is the CMK16GX4M2B3600C18 16GB(2*8GB) and that's with 18-19-19-39 timings

There's another kit from Galaxy HOF4CALCS3600K17LD162C but I don't think it's readily available.

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