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Figured I'd join here to discuss the motherboard and the issues with it as well.

Immediately flashed it to 0504 when I got in and I had bought Corsair LPX 3000 like many did, which of course doesn't like going over 2400, barely that at decent times. I just swapped out that for TridentZ F4-3200C16D-16GTZB which I'm running fine at 2933 16-18-18-38. It would not post at 3200 but very few seem to be able to achieve over 2933 yet on any board.

Having an issue as well with my primary RD400 NVMe drive no detected on basically every reboot. It requires a cold start to detect, however reading above maybe it's to do with my 2nd SATA SSD on SATA0? I might move it to SATA 2 or SATA4 to see if it helps.

I'm managing 3.8Ghz @1.325v with an old Arctic Freezer 13, the stock Wraith was just crap for overclocking. However, the AM4 mounting that came with it directs the setup vertical instead of horizontal so it's blowing half into my case, half into my PSU (which does have a fan thankfully). So I'll likely get a Noctua or something soon for better cooling as higher voltage just generates too much heat in Handbrake for my liking.

For those if you with Battlefield 1, this motherboard, CH6 or any other brand really (trying to see who is affected), can you check out my thread over at AT regarding audio cutouts when overclocked? Either with AI Suite or Ryzen Master, when overclocked in windows the audio is cutting out in BF1. This was tested with onboard audio or an ASUS sound card as well. It doesn't seem to have an issue when it is overclocked by the BIOS however, and it's fine when CPU is at stock. Read through my thread for details, video and testing we've done, would like to compare notes.

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