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You are getting paranoid with the voltages. Just keep the voltages at sane levels (< 1.45V for VDDCR_CPU, < 1.10V for VDDCR_SoC) and don't tamper with the load-line settings, unless you actually MEASURE significant amounts of droop, under load (which is not likely on C6H). Voltage overshoot hurts just as bad as undershoot, when it comes to stability. If you need to increase the load-line setting (i.e. introduce overshoot) to maintain stability, then your voltages are not set correctly to begin with.

The load-line options in bios translate to:

Auto = ±0% (1.425mOhm)
Level 1 = -40% (0.855mOhm)
Level 2 = -50% (0.7125mOhm)
Level 3 = -75% (0.35625mOhm)
Level 4 = -85% (0.21375mOhm)
Level 5 = -100% (0.0000mOhm)

I personally recommend to keep the load-line settings at "Auto" at all times, unless you are doing LN2 runs.

The main difference between the different Ryzen 7-series SKUs (aside of the clocks) is the leakage. The 1700 SKUs have low leakage characteristics, while both 1700X & 1800X are high(er) leaking silicon. Because of that 1700 requires even less load-line biasing than the other two (due the currents being lower).
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