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Originally Posted by Timur Born View Post

@The Stilt: Since you are a strong advocate of leaving LLC at Auto/0, could you answer my question about what kind of overshot to expect?

Does 1.35v LL02 overshoot to (much) higher voltage than 1.375v LLC0?

(I wish I knew where to put the probes on the back of the CPU then I would just measure all this stuff myself.)

That depends on the current drawn by the domain on which the load-line adjustment is applied to.
If the voltage overshoots by 10-20mV (which it based on my experience does) when the load-line is set to "Auto" (±0%), then the voltage overshoot will be:

((1.425 / 2) / 1000) * Idd

If the current drawn by the domain (Idd) is 100A, then the overshoot will be 71.25mV (81.25 - 91.25mV including the existing 10-20mV overshoot). "Level 2" translates to -50% (i.e. / 2).
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