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The Seahawk is great. The EVGA Hybrid 1080 ti will also be great when it drops. I've been using dual EVGA Hybrid 980's for two years and they have been flawless. I bought stock, "reference" 980's and then added the Hybrid kits later ... which means I still have the reference coolers on my shelf.

There is an argument to be made that if you by a 1080 ti founders edition and add the EVGA Hybrid *kit* later ... that you will always have the stock cooler(s) to re install if there are ever problems with your Hybrid kit. If you buy a pre configured Hybrid card, either the Seahawk or the EVGA Variant, if the cooler fails in some way ... your stuck out if you are outside the RMA window.

Personally, I am leaning towards buying a reference and then adding the kit. But in the end, that's up to you ...


A funny story about that EVGA Titan X/1080 ti Hybrid kit linked to above?

When EVGA first posted that page a few days ago, they listed it for $119.00. Then just earlier this week, they jacked it up to a whopping $179.00 ... LOL ... me and a bunch of others who have been waiting for word of this kit totally went off on the EVGA forums about how ridiculous of a price gouging move it was and now ... just hours later (from this morning when I personally posted), EVGA now drops it to $159.00 ... very satisfying, such is the power of the user base ... $159.00 is still too much ... but hey ...

Man, the greed/price gouging of these companies astonishes me. Where is Danny Rand when you need him!!?? LOL ...

Here's the thread at EVGA where we turned the flames up (resulting in at least a $20 drop): EVGA 1080 ti Hybrid Kit discussion at EVGA Forums


I'll most likely buy a reference and add the EVGA Hybrid Kit ... even with the corporate gouging ... I like the idea of being able to re apply the reference cooler should anything ever fail on the Hybrid kit ...

Best of luck!


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